Osborn Method

Analyze an existing product or process using a predefined questionnaire to develop new perspectives and solutions.

The process proceeds in two steps. The first step is to use the Osborn checklist to write down all possible variations without checking the feasibility. The questions must be formulated according to the goal or problem.

  1. Change of Purpose: What else can I use it for? Can I use it differently?
  2.  Adaptation: Does the problem point to other ideas? Is it similar to something else? 
  3. Modification: What can be changed? Which properties can be redesigned? 
  4. Magnification: Is it possible to enlarge, add, duplicate something? 
  5. Reduction: Is it possible to downsize, take away, shorten? 
  6. Substitution: What can be replaced? Which conditions can be changed? 
  7. Inversion, regrouping: Can the order or structure be changed? 
  8. Combination: Can ideas be combined or connected? 
  9. Transformation: Can it be perforated, aggregated, expanded, hardened, liquefied?

After all questions have been answered there is a large collection of ideas. In the second step, the feasible solutions are selected. 

Osborn Checklist

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