Emotion Map IAK method

The Emotion Map classifies basic human needs (or values) to the six most important needdrivers.

Emotion Map (taken from the book "Multiscreen UX Design"): image by Wolfram Nagel

The Emotion Map is a self-interpretation and adaption of different scientific sources. It shall help to think about motives and needs of human factors of your users, help to understand, to evaluate, and to visualize them under an emotional point of view.  

The six need-drivers are shown in the circle around the map. The motives and needs are arranged within the circle depending on to which need-driver each one is associated with. The Emotion Map is an own illustration based upon and inspired by the illustration “reward profiles of beer brands” (Scheier/Held, 2007) and the Emotion Grid (Roth/Saiz, 2014).

If you are able to classify and describe your users or target group on an emotional level by knowing their main motives and goals, you probably already know how you have to promote and communicate your product accordingly. You know what motives and values your product and your UI have to deliver and stand for to meet your users’ needs. And you can also anticipate how to tell the story of your service. 

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