Contextual Inquiry IAK method

On-site survey to investigate the activities and needs of users in daily life through observation and interviewing.

Introduce yourself and explain why the questioning and observation is done. Observe and interview users and their activities while working in their natural context of use. The users are observed during the solution and completion of typical tasks. They are interviewed on an evaluation of the application and discuss their approach to task processing. Do not ask questions that lead to specific answers (no leading questions). Control iterations based on open questions (why, who, how). During the survey observe the user. Identify optimization potential and log solution ideas.

The data collection and analysis includes aspects that are hidden in the test laboratory: influences of the user's natural environment on the usage, study of artifacts (e.g. computer equipment, tools) and interactions with colleagues, family, friends, etc. For evaluation of the data an affinity diagram could be used. Write headwords and statements on cards. Focus on statements that are relevant to the solution.

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