Focus Groups

Survey of conscious and unconscious attitudes, expectations and attitudes of customers, users or experts towards products.

In the initial phase, the procedure and the framework conditions are explained. Afterwards, the topic will be introduced and the discussion will be started. The group is asked to report on their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes towards a product. In this phase, the moderator deliberately refrains from directing questions on specific aspects to the entire group. In the foreground, however, is the creation of the most natural conversation possible.

In the further course, those areas are addressed that have not yet been dealt with discursively by the group, but which are interesting for the project objective. The questions, however, continue to be formulated as openly as possible.

Possible questions: In which categories does the target group think and what attitude does it have towards certain products? What needs, attitudes and motives are hidden behind their behavior? How would users of the target group design individual functionalities? How can you optimize existing functions and features? Which contents, functions and services could be offered additionally?

Only towards the end of the discussion possible contradictions or inconsistencies are directly addressed and explored.

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