Time to celebrate and to say "Thank you!"

Finally! The Design Methods Finder is back online. Thanks to the support of Blizz – the Online Meeting and Collaboration Companion by TeamViewer!  Time to celebrate! 

Discount for you!

For this reason Blizz by TeamViewer offers you a full company license for free for 60 days and a discount of 30% for a one year license. Just send an e-mail to sales@blizz.com with the subject BLIZZNEWDMF.

Blizz feat. DMF feat. Blizz 

Blizz supports the Design Methods Finder. And besides that the Design Methods Finder also supports online meetings with a lot of methods that can be done online. We call these methods "blizzable" (because you can apply them with an online meeting tool like Blizz). If you do not have the time to meet or collaborate personally together on-site use methods that can be applied remotely. And there are a lot. Just try them out!  

The new DMF 

We are really proud to be back with a completely English translated version, with more and a lot of new exciting methods and with an improved user interface and search functionality. More images will be added in the upcoming weeks. We are working hard to update existing content and to add new and already roughly prepared method descriptions. 

Nevertheless you can already use it and test it.  You can use the search with the provided tags and find new recommended methods for your projects and challenges. There's an explanation on how the search works

We are always open for feedback and new methods. In this case just send us a message or a suggestion

Did we already mention? :-) This relaunch and the development of the new DMF was only possible thanks to the support of Blizz – the Online Meeting and Collaboration Companion by TeamViewer. Thank you! :-) Give Blizz a try!